“You simply can…

“You simply cannot give to the world all that you have to give to the world if you do not remain true to your own “selfish” desires. You have a unique set of precious values that can only be fulfilled by pursuing what drives you the most: your passions and dreams. Could Thomas Edison have tended to the downtrodden as Mother Teresa did? Could Albert Einstein have preached salvation as Martin Luther King Jr. did? Could Abraham Lincoln have built cars like Henry Ford? Always, the masses benefit from the individuals who insist on marching to the beat of their own drummer.” -Mike Dooley

I needed this. So badly. I will make my dreams come true. Mark my words.

Life & its Complexities – Change (Thoughts)

Every year since you were born, things have changed. When you were a baby, you could barely walk. You had to use your parents help and guidance in doing everything. When you are one years old, you can now crawl and are now learning to walk. At age 2, or 3 you start to learn phrases and you start to become potty trained. By age 4, you are off to school and are making new friends. By age 6, you have now reached the point where you will go to school full time until the age of 18, in which you will experience the highs and lows of attending school. You will face peer pressure, drama, old and new friends and the physical changes of growing up.

Change is constant. Yet why do people have a hard time seeing change happen? Is it because it is too slow? Or is it because they move too fast, they don’t see it occurring? What ever the reason is, it is quite obvious that change happens whether we accept it or not. We live in a world where change is constant. Change needs to happen in order for our lives to go on. Without it, we will be stuck in a stagnant position with no groom to grow and no opportunity to do so. So why are people afraid of change? Is it because they don’t want to see the inevitable? Or is it simply because they are scared? Whatever the reason is, accepting change can be hard or easy on a person. But in the end it will do them a world of good to see the change. Because after all, change is constant.